20:20 Stories of Moving Lineage

In collaboration with Salusbury World Refugee Centre and London College of Communication 20:20 focuses on the visual re-telling of 20 oral histories collected from 20 refugees who came to the UK 20 years ago.
This multi-media experience focuses on stories of homeland, adaptations to exile and celebration of resilience from refugees who came to the UK 20 years ago. 20:20 is initiated by Salusbury World Refugee Centre, a unique and visionary school-based refugee charity in north-west London, which is collecting the oral histories of 20 of their first families to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
20:20 is co-curated by FotoDocument and students and academics from the Design School at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.
The exhibition is within The Globe, Gallery 4, Victoria & Albert Museum, London SW7 2RL
Sunday 16 June, 12 – 5pm.
The best route via public transport is to go to South Kensington tube and walk along the tunnel signposted to the V & A Museum. Go through bag security at the entrance, up a few steps and then turn right into Gallery 4. Walk straight on until you come to The Globe at the end.
Showings will happen throughout the day between 12 and 5pm so please just turn up and we will invite you to come inside The Globe for a multi-media experience.