A Picture of Health | Women Photographers From The Hyman Collection

Image: Wish You Were Here 1. Le Cake Walk: Rob This England Heather Agyepong

A Picture of Health is a group exhibition of contemporary women photographers from The Hyman Collection who have responded to subjects of health and wellbeing. Featuring autobiographical perspectives to social commentaries on the wider society, A Picture of Health is a timely exhibition as those throughout the world are united by the effects of the current global pandemic.

The exhibition includes work by Heather Agyepong, Sonia Boyce, Eliza Hatch, Susan Hiller, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Anna Fox, Rosy Martin (in collaboration with Verity Welstead), Polly Penrose, Jo Spence, and Paloma Tendero, exploring a range of thematic concerns such as:

The Hidden Self: Responses to hidden disabilities, looking at the difference between what is seen on the outside compared with what we are experiencing on the inside.

Trauma: Looking at the physical and psychological effects of trauma, be it transgenerational or ongoing.

Environment: Artists responding to how the environment (the people and places we live in) affect our health and wellbeing.

Care: The important dynamics between carer and cared for.

Running alongside A Picture of Health will be an Artist’s film programme, ‘Look at this skin… it keeps changing’, documenting a range of experiences of wellness, recovery, and ageing by artists including Helen Petts, Vicky Smith and Bristol based mental health charity, Many Minds.

The exhibition is co-curated by creativeShift and Fresh Arts, Bristol’s leading organisations, providing creative wellbeing activities, to adults who are experiencing or are vulnerable to, isolation and mental health challenges. A Picture of Health aims to de-stigmatise subjects around mental health and create an environment in which people can have open conversations about their wellbeing, whilst including the voices of local people with lived experiences of mental health.

About The Hyman Collection

The Hyman Collection is the private collection of Claire and James Hyman, which began in 1996 and consists of over three thousand artworks, from across the world, in a variety of media.
In the last fifteen years the collection has focused on international photography, from its origins to the present. In particular, the Hyman Collection seeks to support and promote British photography through acquisitions, commissions, loans and philanthropy. The collection includes artists working in photography as well as documentary, historic and contemporary photographs. It has an equal number of works by male and female artists and seeks, especially, to support the work of contemporary women photographers. In 2020 The Hyman Foundation was set up to support photography in Britain through a variety of philanthropic ventures.

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