ABANDONED BY JILL QUIGLEY AND ADRIAN TYLER – a new exhibition at Martin Parr Foundation

The next MPF exhibition launched 28 SEPT  bringing together for the first time the work of two photographers, Adrian Tyler and Jill Quigley.

Adrian Tyler presents Dust to Dust and Jill Quigley presents Cottages of Quigley’s Point, each exploring uninhabited homes and the objects scattered within them.

‘In this exhibition, two photographers carefully explore and engage with rural domestic ruins – more specifically, the interiors of abandoned houses found in Scotland’s Western Isles and Ireland’s County Donegal – as well as with the household objects that lie scattered within them. But they do so in a manner that not only documents and reflects upon a long lost past, invoking the long-established allegorical themes associated with such ruins, but also revitalises them in relation to the present, and reinvents them in relation to the photographer’s own presence.‘ – Aaron Schuman

“Jill Quigley and Adrain Tyler made a perfect pair to share the Martin Parr Foundation gallery space. This is the first time that their work will be displayed together in dialogue. Although they have very different modes of working, we think the contrast between them is enlightening and a perfect chance to highlight some of the work in the Martin Parr Foundation collection too.” – Martin Parr