The best of emerging and established photography by women.

Fast Forward is a research project concerned with women in photography based at University for the Creative Arts. Started in 2014 with a panel discussion at Tate Modern, the project has established a significance within the world of photography for highlighting the work of women photographers and for questioning the way that the established canons have been formed.

Fast Forward is designed to promote and engage with women and non-binary people in photography across the globe. We intend to provoke new debate and ensure that we are in the news and in the history books. There are millions of women in the world of photography and now is the time to arrest the process of forgetting that so frequently erases women from the burgeoning histories of photography and shed light on new ways of thinking, showing, discussing and distributing our work.

Fast Forward showcases the best of emerging and established photography by women and non-binary people, it promotes opportunities and records events. We have started a discussion that will be on going and that many different people can continue to contribute to. Fast Forward is the foundation for an emerging international network of women in photography. Contributions that add to this discussion are welcome from any gender, race or class.

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