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Africa in the Photobook is a website initiated in 2015 by photographer and (photo)historian Ben Krewinkel. The website is about the changing visual representation of Africa as expressed through the medium of the photobook. By showcasing book spreads the books become partly accessible to a wider public and function as a platform for students, collectors and experts to talk about the content of the books. People can engage with each other through a Facebook page as well.

Africa in the Photobook is looking for books made by African artists or books printed in African countries, but also focusses on books made outside the continent by non-African photographers and writers. This is especially the case for books produced during the colonial era.

By showing books, the website doesn’t want to suggest to agree with the content, since many books tend to be highly propagandistic and sometimes blatant paternalistic and/or even racist.

In collaboration with Fourthwall Books, a South African publisher specialised in artist books, Ben Krewinkel is currently doing research and preparing a publication.

For publishers

Africa in the photobook is a website that is dedicated to African photographers who published a photobook and photobooks in general that deal with Africa or the African diaspora. Publishers are invited to contribute by sending books to be showcased on the website. All books will be showcased (sometimes with an interview) with a direct link to the title on the publishers page.

Publishers and/or artists interested can contact us using the contact form on the homepage.