ALEXIS HUNTER: 10 SECONDS at Richard Saltoun Gallery, London

‘…I set up the narrative sequences to work as advertising does, within a minimum of ten seconds.’ – Alexis Hunter

Richard Saltoun Gallery presents a solo exhibition of works by Alexis Hunter (1948-2014), a pivotal figure in the British Feminist Movement of the 1970s, marking the gallery’s representation of her estate. Curated by Natasha Hoare, Senior Curator at Goldsmiths CCA, 10 Seconds compliments Hunter’s presence in the exhibition at Tate Britain, Women in Revolt!: Art, Activism and the Women’s movement in the UK 1970–1990. This will be the most extensive display of Hunter’s works since the acclaimed exhibition Sexual Warfare at Goldsmiths CCA in 2018.

10 Seconds focuses on Hunter’s most iconic works produced in the 1970’s, when she was an active part of the Feminist movement. She was working in photography to produce photo-narrative sequences that questioned gender stereotypes and patriarchal image culture, including famous series such as Domestic Warfare (1975) and Approaches to Fear (1977).

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