Art, Blackness, Identity and Activism Rebooting the Legacy: No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960 – 1990

Annual Huntley (un)Conference 2018

Recent developments over the past few years seem to indicate that ‘we are moving on up’ or moving out of the frame – so are Black artists and curators experiencing a watershed moment with Blackness? With the advance copies of the No Colour Barlegacy book* published on 24th February, now is a good time to contextualize what have been the real breakthroughs, including The Place is Here at Nottingham Contemporary, Lubaina Himid’s 2017 Turner Prize, the large scale research project Black Artists & Modernism, International Curators Forum/Beyond the Frame initiative, Diaspora Pavilion, Venice Biennale and discuss their impact on the scene. Across the two sessions we rethink some of the critical ideas raised by No Colour Bar, a ground-breaking art exhibition ( the first group show for Black artists of its kind for 30 years), and the other breakthroughs in a series of sharp, insightful creative provocations and short insightful talks. As curators and artists fill us in on their points of view, sharing ideas and works, our unconference roundtable format invites participants to join in the conversations: What happens next about the relation between art, Blackness, identity and activism – what do we want to do and see happen next? Where are the new places for activism? Who owns access?

Contributors include: Lisa Anderson, Barby Asante, Hamja Ashan, Sokari Douglas Camp, Fowokan, Claudette Johnson, Tam Joseph, Michael McMillan, with more to be announced.The sessions are kicked off by Colin Prescod.

This is an ‘unconference’ event – where participants are actively invited to contribute throughout the day. Contact us if you want to join in. As a bonus, the No Colour Bar publication will be available at a specially-discounted price for all ticket holders.

Sat 24 February 2018 10:30 – 16:30 GMT


Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA

London Metropolitan Archives

40 Northampton Road