Behind the Scenes at F22

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the AOP f22 group, and launched on International Women’s Day 2024, the group have published diptychs by 30 of its members showing a photograph they have produced alongside a behind-the-scenes image of the photographer at work.

The AOP f22 group was first created in the 1980s and then re-formed in 2019, due to demand and recognition that inequality within the photographic industry was not being addressed as it should.

f22 is run by a voluntary group of AOP accredited photographer members and is open to all women and non-binary members of the AOP. The AOP f22 champions their work, and provides a space for those with similar experiences, to share, learn and grow.

Through regular meet-ups, exhibitions and workshops f22 provides a dedicated platform offering the best business practice support. Together, f22 continues to explore ways in which to grow the visibility of women & non-binary commercial photographers at all levels. 

To find out more and to view the publication, Behind the Scenes, please go to the direct link.