BJP: A new book presents insightful stories from displaced women and non-binary photographers

3. From the project Putting Ourselves in the Picture. © Vicky / Impressions Gallery, Fast Forward

by Philippa Kelly

Part of the latest project from Fast Forward Women in Photography, Putting Ourselves in the Picture centres the lived experience of those working to build a home in the UK

In 2016, Vicky fled Uganda. “I moved because my life was no good there, here I have a chance to have a good life. I had bad experiences in Uganda and I cannot go back there,” she writes of her decision. Since arriving in the UK she has moved home up to 10 times – she now lives in temporary accommodation with her two sons, one of whom is disabled. She struggles to secure the support he needs.

In the year Vicky arrived in the UK, she was one of 40.2m people worldwide who were forced to flee their homes due to conflicts, violence, fear of persecution and human rights violations. By the end of 2022, The UN Refugee agency estimates that this number will reach 101.1m. Around 50 per cent of this figure is likely to be women.

In a new book, Vicky – and 21 other refugee and migrant women and non-binary photographers – tell their own stories of displacement, adjustment, success and pride. Within its pages, Putting Ourselves in the Picture explores battles with the home office, burgeoning new careers and the pressures of motherhood.

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