Bluecoat: Artists’ talks

An apology for sale, by Chinar Shah, Ajit Bhadoriya, Surabhi Vaya

Tue 30 Oct 12-1pm

Get to know our artist in residence Chinar Shah and curator in residence Zuzana Jakalová at our Residency Social.

Shah joins Bluecoat from Bangalore for the first of her two-part residency in partnership with Bluecoat, Hope University, FACT and AHRC. She is interested in the power dynamics of the internet, cyberfeminism and women’s experiences of race, caste and class. Jakalová researches into health, disability and economic precariousness. Her residency is supported by Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague and the Czech Centre, London.

Join us for some fascinating insight as Shah and Jakalová talk about their work and their future plans for their residency.