Book ‘A soft gaze at intimacy’: fundraising campaign for Ukraine

A soft gaze at intimacy is an online community that reaches out to real life made of paper and connections; it’s a place to be, a place to sit quietly and a way to get in touch with the vulnerability and history of each person, of each artist. A publication that fuses power with fragility, uniting multiple voices in a great elaboration with multiple heads and souls.

34 international authors meet in this first crowdfunding campaign entirely curated by the Selfself Books team for the realization of a collective volume that focuses its attention on feminine power and on the story of the most intimate reality intrinsic in each of us, narrated through a visual journey made of bodies, landscapes, objects but also, and above all, human relationships. The publication will also see the participation of important Italian curators active on the artistic, photographic and curatorial scene including Benedetta Donato, Alessia Locatelli, Laura Davì.

The fundraising campaign for the creation of the collective book will allow to support at the same time the Ukrainian association CVIT, a new female reality that since the outbreak of war has been immediately activated to bring humanitarian aid in terms of medical and defense equipment to be provided to the civilian population. For each contribution made on, choosing between packages #2 and #3, a percentage of the donation (variable up to half) will be paid to the association, retaining the remainder for the creation and delivery of a copy of the book to each donor. Kris Voitkiv, Ukrainian photographer included in the publication, is a volunteer and founder of the association.

CAMPAIGN ACTIVE from 28.03 to 11.05

Book presentation during the festival LIVE – Living Inside Various Experiences by Selfself from June 10 to 12, 2022 at Pergola15, Milan, Italy.

Selected authors:

Adina Salome Harnischfeger, Aina Maria Cantallops Cifre, Alexia Colombo, Anna Breit, Annika Weertz, Arianna Genghini, Caroline Dare, Caroline Mackintosh, Chiara Cunzolo, Cinzia Gaia Brambilla, Clara Milo, Clara Nebeling, Costanza Musto, Cristina Altieri, Elisa Moro, Gaia Bonanomi, Giulia Gatti, Jasmine Bennister, Jule Wild, Kris Voitkiv, Laurie Bassett, Liza Kanaeva, Luisa Gutierrez, Lydia Metral, Maria Maglionico, Martina Parolo, Maya Francis, Megan Auer, Milena Villalón, Roberta Krasnig, Serena Salerno, Simone Steenberg, Sophie Kamph, Valeria Dellisanti.

More info is on the direct link