Burn it Down! A Discussion on Feminist Manifestos with Breanne Fahs and Lola Olufemi

Dyke Manifesto (1992), by Lesbian Avengers

A discussion session with scholar and editor of Burn it Down! Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution, Breanne Fahs and writer Lola Olufemi, focussing on selected manifestos in this landmark collection spanning four generations of feminist activism and writing. Burn It Down! is a window on historical feminist thought, providing a prompt to consider contemporary activisms.

Manifestos featured include “Dyke Manifesto” by the Lesbian Avengers, “The Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft” by Peter Grey, “Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female” by Frances M. Beal, “Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Laws” and “Riot Grrrl Manifesto” by Bikini Kill among many more.

Texts from the publication are discussed alongside excerpts from Olufemi’s latest publication, Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power, which remakes the case that feminism is a radical tool we can use to transform the world for everyone. Olufemi makes the case against neoliberalism, emphasising the link between feminism and grassroots organising, exploring issues of state violence, reproductive justice, transmisogyny, gendered Islamophobia and solidarity with global struggles.

This event is part of the series Feminist Resistance: Strategies for the 21st Century, in partnership with the publishing house Verso to mark their 50th anniversary.

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