Collective Exhibition of the 9th edition of the Pierre Verger National Photography Prize at The Bahia Art Museum

Ornelina's kitchen, from the Whale's Bed series. © Marilene Ribeiro, 2020

The Bahia Art Museum hosts the Collective Exhibition of the 9th edition of the Pierre Verger National Photography Prize.  Prizes worth R$30,000 were awarded to three photographic stories in the categories ‘Ancestry and Representation’, ‘Historical Questions’ and ‘Free Theme and Technique’. In the ‘Ancestry and Representation’ category, works were analysed that address ethnophotography as a way of recording and interpreting relational, family, social issues in Brazil, guaranteeing the artistic quality of the image recording. Photographer Amanda Tropicana was awarded with her photographic essay “Memórias do Patiti Obá”.

In ‘Historical Questions’, photographic essays were appreciated that dialogue with the contemporary historical moment, considering the pandemic reality and its consequences around the processes caused by experiences in political and social fields. The winner was “As Caretas do Mingau”, by Matheus L8. In ‘Free Themes and Techniques’, documentary photographic essays were appreciated that record freely in terms of their theme and technique used, and that brought up aspects that often go unnoticed when observing everyday life. In this category, photographers Affonso Uchôa and Desali were awarded for their essay “Sangue de Bairro”.

In addition to the award-winning proposals, the exhibition will include 12 other photographic essays, four in each category, including “Retratistas Do Morro: O Direito Egual De Existir”, by Guilherme Cunha and Retratistas do Morro; “Irradiará” by Chris Tigra; “Krenak Reformatory – Fragments of an Underground Memory”  by Leonardo Carrato; “Whale’s Bed” by Marilene Ribeiro.

The collective exhibition was curated by Marcelo Campos, chief curator of the Rio Art Museum.

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