DASH ARTS Podcast – Dora Maar: Out of Shadow

DASH ARTS Organisation presents:

In this LIVE episode from our 100th Dash Café (January 2020) we delve into the life and legacy of French Surrealist icon Dora Maar.

The photographer and artist’s radical work strikingly depicts the anxieties of interwar Europe and the internal horrors of the mind. Yet Maar was often overlooked, her role as Picasso’s lover and ‘weeping woman’ dominating world view, until now.

In January 2020 a major exhibition of her work travelled from the Centre Pompidou to the Tate Modern, introducing many to her work for the first time.

In this episode Dash Arts Artistic Director Josephine Burton talks to the exhibition’s curators Damarice Amao and Karolina Lewandowska, along with discussion and performances from poet Victoria Adukwei Bulley and Finnish musician Marouf Majidi.

With Poet in the City and support from TelepART and Institut Francais

To listen, please go to the direct link.