‘Deathbed photo’ of war photographer Gerda Taro discovered. By Giles Tremlett / The Guardian

Gerda Taro being treated by Janos Kiszely, a volunteer doctor from Hungary. Photograph: Picture supplied by John Kiszely

“A photograph believed to be of Gerda Taro, one of the world’s first and greatest war photographers, apparently lying on her deathbed in a hospital during the Spanish civil war, has been found 80 years after she was killed.

The photograph was published on Twitter several days ago by John Kiszely, a retired British lieutenant general, whose Hungarian father, Dr Janos Kiszely, was a volunteer doctor with the International Brigades who fought against Gen Francisco Franco during the Spanish civil war.

The photograph shows Dr Kiszely dabbing at blood that has trickled from the nose and mouth of a young woman with short, dark hair and finely plucked eyebrows. She looks remarkably like Taro, who died after she was knocked off the running board of a car by a tank during a fierce, chaotic battle near El Escorial, north-west of Madrid, in July 1937.”

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