Decolonising The Gaze: A Panel & In Conversation Arpita Shah, Maryam Wahid, Nilupa Yasmin & Caroline Molloy

Too Rich a Soil, The New Art Gallery Walsall. Photography by Jonny Bark

In association with the exhibition Too Rich a Soil at The New Art Gallery Walsall, the three exhibiting artists; Arpita Shah, Maryam Wahid and Nilupa Yasmin will be in discussion with academic and writer Caroline Molloy.

The artists will speak about the shared themes of identity, culture and heritage in their practice. During this event the artists will reflect on their approach to the work featured in the exhibition.

Too Rich a Soil brings together photographers Arpita Shah, Maryam Wahid and Nilupa Yasmin, whose practices are rooted in the exploration of cultural identity. A selection of photographs from Arpita’s Purdah – The Scared Cloth presents South Asian women in Scotland from a variety of backgrounds who choose to practice the tradition of head covering or veiling. Birmingham based Maryam and Nilupa have each created a new series of work. Maryam’s Ek Aurat Ka Safar (A Woman’s Journey) provides a glimpse into Pakistani society and the diverse roles of women from across generations, ethnic backgrounds, religions and social classes. Nilupa uses self-portraiture in series ফুলদানি – Phuldhani (Flowers in a Vase) which with their multi-layered and manipulated surfaces reflect upon femininity and identity.

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