DIANA MATAR – MY AMERICA at Purdy Hicks Gallery

In a world where millions of pictures are taken each day, I still believe photographs can contain meaning; they can become evidence of things not seen or heard… if, as I believe, to photograph is a desire to know something deeply and beyond the surface, I must be quiet to see. And attending to something says I acknowledge it matters.’

In the US, approximately 1000 people continue to die each year in encounters with police. More than any other industrialised nation. My America is an archive of and memorial to victims of these encounters. The photographs, taken at locations where citizens were shot or tasered by law enforcement officers, create a quiet but chilling critique of the contemporary United States.

Working within the genres of landscape and documentary the photographs are of city parks, empty fields, storefronts, front lawns, mobile homes, and roadside highways. By focusing on these banal landscapes, Matar declares that what happened at the locations matters and questions the link between landscape and memory.

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