Diffusion 2017 looks at REVOLUTION in its widest context, investigating through the prism of photography and lens-based media social change, freedom of expression, popular protest, human rights and the pursuit of utopias.

The Diffusion conference focuses on two key issues, with contributions from exhibiting artists, architects, designers, cultural theorists and committed urbanists.

Building the Revolution examines artist involvement in regeneration processes and ‘placemaking’, and the tension between societal needs and environmental concerns and a drive to maximise real estate values, including area gentrification and the consequent displacement of residential communities.

How to Start a Revolution recognises that revolutionary change requires a challenge to the established order, protest and rebellion, risk and experimentation, new ideas and ideologies, and transformational processes. Key figures from countercultural movements from the 1960s to the present day explore the role that art has played in instigating social and political change.

Contributors include:

Vanley Burke / kennardphillipps / Marcelo Brodsky / Juliet Davis / Stephen Pritchard / Rab Harling

Birt Acres Lecture Theatre
Cathays Park Campus
CF10 3XQ

9:30am – 4:30pm