Diversity and Inclusion in photography: a symposium

The Bristol Photo Festival and the RPS are hosting a one-day online symposium, curated by Jennie Ricketts. Through the work of photographers and those working within photography it explores themes around diversity and inclusion.

In order for diversity to have real meaning, people of different classes, ethnicity, ability, sexuality should be given equal opportunity for inclusive collaboration. Photography is arguably the most democratic universal language with a broad global reach, so it seems the perfect medium for bringing people together to achieve this. A festival that celebrates both the practice of photography in its many forms, and offers a commitment to change the disparity between one practice or another can only be a positive means of attaining that goal.

This symposium sets out to demonstrate such a commitment. It aims to provide some insight on the work and practice of different photographers, highlight the challenges they may have faced and how they overcame them, and finally identify what is needed and how to support them in their practice now and for the future.

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