Dragana Jurisic | My Own Unknown

The Familiar © Dragana Jurišić

Thursday 8th February

5.30pm: Artist’s Talk, Free admission, seating limited.

6.30pm: Official Launch

8.00pm: Outdoor projection event

My Own Unknown, is an on-going series of work by Dublin-based photographer Dragana Jurišić. A very personal exhibition, the work addresses the complexities of exile, politics and betrayal together with family history. Organised into 5 chapters, the work opens out to explore important universal themes, in particular the role of Woman as Muse in the western art tradition, and the complex hybridity of female identities, both real and imagined.

The exhibition combines text and photographs, appropriated imagery, notebooks, video and performance. Narrated through differing voices, it opens with the story of the disappearance of the artist’s aunt, Gordana Čavić, from rural Yugoslavia in the 1950s, and her mysterious death in Paris in the 1980s. A life shrouded in intrigue, it involves tales of multiple identities, illicit sex and espionage.

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