F-Razzor: Artist-run Solidarity Fundraiser

F-Razzor is an artist-run solidarity fundraiser that will take place from the 8th of March till the 15th March 2021. Its aim is to address abuse of power and inequities in the Dutch art field through supporting survivors of sexual abuse and financing initiatives that aid in the prevention of future misconduct. F-Razzor is a reaction to the NRC article from October 30, 2020, which brought serious allegations of sexually abusive and violent behavior within the dutch art scene to the surface. The publication of these testimonies revealed a systemic problem in our field and questions of how to tackle the situation in a meaningful way flared up within our community of Rijksakademie Alumni.

F-Razzor is a one-week art webshop that will feature the of works over sixty Rijksakademie alumni of the years 2014 – 2017. The works on offer have been donated by the artists in support of this initiative. The funds raised will provide immediate help to those who assumed personal and financial risk in speaking out in the NRC article and aid their legal costs. Furthermore, funds will be allocated towards a newly established initiative and platform: Engagement Arts NL, which fights against sexism and other forms of discrimination. By purchasing an artwork or making a monetary donation, you contribute to sustaining a critical dialogue and help to initiate further means of action.

F-Razzor aims to help establish methods of support and strategic objectives against a complacency that has enabled sexual abuse to unfold in plain sight. We want to address the failure of our field that has accepted and normalized sexist behavior. We want to take responsibility for remaining silent for too long and allowing this behavior to continue. We overlooked abuse when didn’t know how to recognize it. When we did recognize it, we lacked the tools to speak up. When we spoke up, we couldn’t find resources to help. We apologize for the times we have failed. We stand in solidarity with those who have spoken up and risked their livelihoods facing intimidation and threats. We want to contribute to a future in which people care for one another, dare to speak up and have the tools to act against abuse and violence.

Fundraising begins on www.f-razzor.com on International Women’s Day, 8th of March and will end on March 15th 2021. There will also be possibilities to donate without purchasing artworks. The participating artists will receive 30% of each individual sale. 40% will be for immediate help to those who assumed personal and financial risk in speaking out in the NRC article, to be used for legal cost, therapy and trauma consultation. 20% will go to supporting Engagement Arts NL and 10% towards administrative cost.

Engagement Arts NL is an artist-led organization tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the arts in the Netherlands. It was founded with the generous support and experience from its sibling organization Engagement Arts Belgium in late 2020. In response to the absence of supportive organizations, its goal is to create structural changes driven by the community and to offer independent guidance for individuals facing transgressive behavior, discrimination and/or unfair practices in the Dutch art field. Engagement Arts Belgium www.engagementarts.be