First Women Exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Image ©Beth Walsh

First Women comprises a unique collection of 100 portraits capturing women in the UK who were “first” in their field of achievement. The portraits by photographer Anita Corbin provide inspiration and insight for a new generation of women seeking an understanding of their own roles in a rapidly changing world in which equality is still an issue.

First Women, The Collection, is about women’s achievements, and one woman’s exploration through the camera lens that endeavours to answer the question: How will women be remembered over the past 100 years? What have they achieved in the fields of Sport, Science, Politics, the Arts and Education? And who were these remarkable “first” women, what did they look like?

‘First Women’ has traveled from the West to the East and back again – via the Midlands.
Over 100,000 people so far have seen the 100 portraits on that journey.

From the 15 Feb -7 June 2020 you can visit the First Women exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

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