Manon Ouimet


ALTERED is a body of photographic work that aims to encourage inclusion by displaying the honesty of physical alterations. It focuses on individuals who have unwillingly embarked on life-changing body alterations due to illness, war, accidents and violence. The intention is to illuminate people who often feel marginalised and contribute to conversations about equality and diversity. By combining a classical fashion aesthetic with a humanist focus, the work asks the viewer to explore themselves through the prism of others and to challenge or confirm their belief system regarding body image and its representation. The process of making these works also aims to encourage the sitters to increase their confidence and reclaim their identity, employing the practice of the ‘therapeutic gaze’ whereby the artistic process can take its participants on an emotional journey of self-discovery.

“The body and its form are mostly seen as a disfiguration once you lose a part of your body… but this process really has helped me to embrace who I am. Another turning point on my road of self discovery.” – Tim, sitter from Altered.

For many years I worked as a fashion and beauty photographer. I became frustrated with taking conventional pictures that were narrow in their mission and accomplishment. Altered was born from wanting to learn people’s stories and champion the beauty of each individual.

About the Artist

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Manon Ouimet is a London-based photographer. In 2019 she received a distinction for an MA in Photography at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE, Bristol). Manon engages with notions of beauty, identity and therapeutic values of photography posing difficult yet essential questions regarding body image and visual representation. Her work advocates understanding and compassion while inspiring self-confidence and positivity with the individuals with whom she collaborates. Manon’s work is born from wanting to learn people’s stories and to celebrate each individual.

Manon is also currently working on an ongoing collaboration with The Drive Project, which is designed to aid veterans back into the working community using various platforms. Manon’s work has been published and exhibited internationally.