Joy Gregory

Cinderella Tours Europe

Cinderella Tours Europe

Inspired by numerous interviews conducted during a four-month research trip around the Caribbean. For many of that region Europe is a place of unattainable dreams, regarded in the same way as Europeans think of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. 

The dreamer is wrapped in the narrative of Cinderella, transformed into a pair of golden shoes and transported around the major sites of Europe. On this Grand Tour of desire, the shoes are photographed in front of familiar landmarks in the style of so many tourist photographs.

About the Artist

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Joy is a graduate of Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. She has developed a practice which is concerned with social and political issues with particular reference to history and cultural differences in contemporary society. 

As a photographer she makes full use of the media from video, digital and analogue photography to Victorian print processes. In 2002, Gregory received the NESTA Fellowship, which enabled her the time and the freedom to research for a major piece around language endangerment. The first of this series was the video piece Gomera, which premiered at the Sydney Biennale in May 2010. 

She is the recipient of numerous awards and has exhibited all over the world showing in many festivals and biennales. Her work included in many collections including the UK Arts Council Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, and Yale British Art Collection. She currently lives and works in London.