Maria Kazvan


Circle project was made between 2011-2017. I have travelled thousands of kilometres around Ukraine, looking for places that inspire me and show my inner feeling about the power of woman. It is about my experience of home violence, that I lived in as a child and also about escaping it in all of the possible ways.

Sometimes it is surreal, as I got lost in dreams and imagination. 

Circle is not an easy project for me, physically and mentally. Looking at the model you can see me, in nature, trying to connect, to survive.

About the Artist

Artist Website

Maria Kazvan, an interdisciplinary artist. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, now based in Toronto, Canada. She has Degree in journalism. Her work is inspired by human psychology, mystical practices, folklore and Maria’s life experiences. She is focused on creating long term projects, with strong conceptuals. Using vivid, high quality imagery. Mixing her love for experiments with media, objects and techniques, Maria is creating surrealistic, magic realism photography, videography, stop-motion videos and performances