Dafna Talmor

Constructed Landscapes

Constructed Landscapes is an ongoing project consisting of two sub-series that stemmed from my personal archive of ‘failed’ photographs. Initially shot as mere keepsakes across different locations that include Venezuela, Israel, the US and UK, the images are produced by collaging and reconfiguring medium format colour negatives.

Transformed through the act of slicing and splicing, the resulting images are staged landscapes, a conflation combining the ‘real’ and the imaginary. Through this work, specific places initially loaded with personal meaning and political connotations, are reconfigured into a space of greater universality. Blurring place, memory and time – defying specificity and referring to the transient – the work alludes to idealised and utopian spaces.

In Constructed Landscapes, condensing multiple time frames by collaging negatives to construct an image transfers the notion of the ‘decisive moment’ from the photographic act to the act of assembling and printing in the darkroom. In turn, fragments of varying source images collide and collude to create an illusory landscape; gaps and voids where negatives fail to meet or overlap mimic (and form new) elements of landscape, disrupting composition and distorting perspective.

In dialogue with the history of photography, Constructed Landscapes references Pictorialist processes of combination printing as well as Modernist experiments with the materiality of film. Whilst distinctly holding historical references, the work engages with contemporary discourse on manipulation and the analogue/digital divide.

Beyond photographs, the work has expanded to include site-specific vinyl wallpapers, spatial  interventions, photograms, preparatory studies and publications, including my first monograph published by Fw:Books in October 2020. Designed by Hans Gremmen, the book includes newly commissioned essays by Olga Smith, Shoair Mavlian, a poem by Cherry Smyth and an interview with Gemma Padley, consolidating material from the Constructed Landscapes series that includes 44 main plates and extensive previously unpublished process material such as reproductions of contact sheet images, test prints and the constructed negatives.

Please visit the Fw:Books website for more information about the book.

About the Artist

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Dafna Talmor is an artist and lecturer based in London whose practice encompasses photography, spatial interventions, curation and collaborations. Her work is included in public collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Deutsche Bank, Hiscox and publications such as Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera, Alternative Photographic Processes: Crafting Handmade Images, Architectural Review, Elephant, FT Weekend Magazine, Paper Journal, American Suburb X, c4 journal, 1000 Words, Camera Austria, ArtReview, IMA, BJP, GUP and Photomonitor. Her first monograph, Constructed Landscapes, published by Fw:Books was released in October 2020. Recent solo shows include Constructed Landscapes (Vortic XR: Sid Motion Gallery, 2020), Straight Lines are a Human Invention (Sid Motion Gallery, 2019), Constructed Landscapes (TOBE Gallery, 2018) & (Photofusion, 2017) and group exhibitions Women in Photography: Lay of the Land (Informality Gallery, 2020), Her Ground: Women Photographing Landscape (Flowers East, 2019) …on making (Gdansk National Museum, 2019), Moving the Image: Photography and its Actions (Camberwell Space, 2019). Shortlisted for the BNL BNP Paribas Group Award (2019), the MACK First Book Award and Unseen Dummy Award (2018), Talmor was the recipient of a Breathing SPACE Bursary (2016) and several Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Awards. Talmor is represented by Sid Motion Gallery in London and TOBE Gallery in Budapest.