Dina Oganova

Frozen Waves / გაყინული ტალღები

My whole childhood I used to hearing stories how boys/men kidnapped girls with help of their friends, to get a married on them. Sometimes kidnaped girls didn’t even know who would become their future husbands. They had no choice, they decided to stay weather wanted or not. It was a big shame to come back home after kidnapping. Everybody thought that were not virgins anymore. So, who would marry them, who would marry disgraced girls?!

Family didn’t want to get them back, because now they had a new “owner”.

It was “normal” in 90’s Georgia, nobody even protested. When I grew up, I thought it was over, but at some point I realized that it’s still happening…

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Dina Oganova (DIKARKA)

Georgian documentary photographer and bookmaker, working on personal, long term projects mostly in Georgia and Post Soviet countries.

Dina Oganova is an author of the first Georgian handmade limited edition (87) photo book “My Place” Book which is in the personal collection of several museums ,including the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Oganova is now working on her new handmade limited edition book : “ See You Soon “ Device always: “TAKE PHOTOS WITH LOVE”