Amanda Whittle


Within ‘Genderfuck, Amanda explores the ideas of sex, gender and mental health. Drawing on her identity and past history of living in Africa, and as a former ballet dancer, her reaction to the challenges of her experiences in Africa and the dance industry has compelled her into a visual dialogue concerned with diversity and freedom. She aims to achieve this through symbolism, both as a woman who has experienced oppression and through her own sexuality and gender identification. She aims to question the identity norms that society creates and that we do not all conform to, looking at and celebrating how we strive to exist outside of these claustrophobic social constructs. Her intention is to embrace the idea of multiplicity in how we express our gender, a multiplicity that defies the binary.

About the Artist

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Amanda Whittle is a visual artist living and working in the UK. Born in South Africa in 1970, she pursued an international ballet career before embarking on a masters degree from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Her work has been shown globally in China, India, and the UK.