Laura Blight

House Clearances

Inspired by the human trace, this series of interior photographs focuses on the subject of British House Clearances. In the majority of cases the owner or tenant of the property has passed away, leaving only traces of human occupation behind. The emptiness of the room’s plays a significant role in evoking a strange liminal space, one that is in-between habitual use. Orphaned objects and discarded furniture compose themselves as melancholy still lifes, depicting a subtle tension between the familiar and unknown. Indeed it is the very absence of human activity that provokes our curiosity and intrigue to the mystery of past events.

About the Artist

Artist Website

Laura Blight is a photographer and visual artist from Essex, living and working in London. She received a Distinction in MA Photography at London College of Communication in 2018. Since graduating Laura has exhibited internationally including Arles Photography Festival (France) Pingyao Photography Festival (China) and most recently the Lewisham Art House (London).

In April 2019, Laura was selected by London Creative Network (LCN) to join a tailored professional development programme for London-based artists and photographers. The programme is delivered by SPACE, Cockpit Arts, Four Corners and Photofusion.

Laura adopts a curious and intuitive approach to image making where presence, or rather absence is evidenced summoning the strange from the everyday. Traces left by human activity are recurring themes throughout her work, exploring the play between the strange and familiar in domestic environments.