Bärbel Praun

Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects)

The idea for the series‚ Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects) came into life quite easily, since the act of walking has always been a working method of mine and you stumble over trash constantly. To react to the garbage I find during my walks I created a frame of rules for me to follow:

1. Collect garbage and found objects.
2. React as immediately and spontaneously as possible on site.
3. Create a sculpture within a limited time frame.
4. Take a photograph, showing a short moment of balance and fragility.

The title refers both to the ephemeral aspect of the sculptures and to the time the garbage takes to decompose.

About the Artist

Artist Website

Bärbel Praun (b.1978, Germany) studied photography and lives everywhere yet nowhere (currently somewhere between The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland). Her work has been shown internationally. Artist in Residencies in Vienna (bm:ukk, AT) and Clervaux  (Cité de l’image, LUX) in 2012, Jakobstad (via Künstlerhaus Schwandorf, FIN) in 2013, Klaipeda (Culture Communication Center, LT) in 2014, Stein am Rhein (Windler-Stiftung, CH) in 2015, in Portugal (The Independent AIR) in 2016/2017 and in the Netherlands (ARE Holland) in 2017.

Praun self-published her book ‚this must be the place‘ in 2015, a personal exploration of land, place and the concept of home; it was exhibited internationally. ‘Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects)’ is one part of her current body of work focusing on plastic and waste, consumerism and value, developed within various media like sculpture, photography, writing and video performance.