Luján Candria

In the Loving Swamp of Dry Autumn Leaves

For a long time, my work has focused on capturing unique and unrepeatable moments in time. After emigrating, I began focusing on the changeable and fluid nature of memories, how they blur, transform, and hide in the mind.

In this way, I explore the limits of photography and focus on the relationship between landscape and memory.

In the creative process, I intervene the photographic images. I juxtapose, multiply, fragment, and merge them to forge poetic images. The sharpest images get mixed with the more diffuse ones until they turn into almost imperceptible forms or completely disappear to become a simple plain color. As happens with many of our memories that become blurry over time and then come back to us as incomplete narratives.

About the Artist

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Luján Candria is a Miami-based Argentine artist who uses diverse media to create introspective works about memory and oblivion. She often uses the repetition of various images with subtle variations of light to create intimate narratives and condensed poetics loaded with nostalgia.

Candria graduated in sculpture from Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (UNA). And received Associate Degree from Escuela Nacional de Cerámica in Buenos Aires. In addition, she studied Applied Musical Computer Science at Fonoroma and Image Editing at Mac Training Center (UNTREF). Awarded the ArtReview Residency Prize, Candria was an artist in residence at Casa Wabi, Oaxaca. 2019. 

In 2020, her work was selected to be included in Miami International Airport’s permanent collection. Candria was selected to take part in Salón Acme 2023. Mexico City. She has presented solo exhibitions at international galleries and institutions. Her work has also participated in group shows, art fairs, and festivals in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the United States. She was an artist in residence at Oolites Arts (ArtCenter SF). And is currently an artist in residence at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami.