Sara Palmieri

La Forma Del Silenzio

La forma del silenzio furthers an open question: can the wall separating us from our limited perception of time and space be broken? Through her work Palmieri challenges this notion by exploring the relationship between science, emotional flux and the cathartic explosion that drives every human being to transcend, in order to be reunited with the metaphysical, to perceive that primitive sense of loss/wonder in front of the birth of a galaxy, with the feeling of being able to regain your own ‘internal time’. La forma del silenzio describes the dilatation of a millisecond and the metamorphosis of perception, it constructs and deconstructs worlds, universes, it searches for new levels, it analyses the layers of our emotions through stories and relations. It links with concepts born out of Einstein’s research, where all is relative, where space and time exist yet are not independent from what occurs as they are made of the same matter that makes everything in this world. There is a letter that Einstein wrote to his daughter after understanding the theory of relativity: probably it’s a fake, but doesn’t matter. This letter underline a concept that inspired this work: gravity and love are made of the same matter, forces from which we are dominated that we can’t understand with reason.

For ‘La Forma del Silenzio’ – Sara Palmieri states – I’ve started reading science texts, from Rovelli to Klein through Bergson, and end up in Lanzarote reading Saramago and Hesse. Science and poetry have led me to the same place, beyond the visible, beyond the order of things.

About the Artist

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Sara Palmieri is a visual artist using photography to question our perception of time and space, which in her work are both the working instruments and the investigated objects. With a background as an architect, in 2015 she took part to the ISSP Masterclass with Aaron Schuman. Her work has been exhibited in festivals and galleries, among them Matèria Gallery, Plenum Gallery, Athens Photo Festival, Istanbul Biennial 2019, Fotohaus ParisBerlin Gallery Arles, Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma, Focus Photography Festival, Landskrona Fotofestival, Obscura Festival, Wuho Gallery L.A.. She has selfpublished two artist books, ‘M.’ and ‘La plume plongea la tête’ (among the recognitions, she received the Premio Marco Bastianelli for best italian selfpublished book), and her work is included in collective books like ‘A Place Both Wonderful and Strange’ (Fuego Books), ‘Il sangue delle donne|The  blood of Women (Postmedia Books), Blacklie Vol.II (Limesimages), Il corpo solitario – L’autoritratto nella fotografia contemporanea Vol.II (Rubettino Editore). Her work has been published in print & online publications, including The British Journal of Photography, Photoworks Annual, Gup magazine, Yogurt magazine, Wittykiwy. She lives and works in Rome.