Farhana Satu

Rahu Shallows the moon

where deep and irrevocable truths hide behind such broad and overused concepts, standing in the way of reconciliation for a people who are struggling to come to terms with the past and find a way to rebuild, restore, and live again. Learned to breathe again at the expense of silence and the will to forget, which has in turn had detrimental effects on the rebuilding of its society in the aftermath of war. Physical and mental disability is a prominent symbol of the legacy of war in Siam reap, Cambodia.

About the Artist

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Farhana Satu devotes as a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She attended University of London (UK) for her LLB-Hons and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute (Bangladesh) and Danish School of Media and Journalism (Denmark) for her Diploma in Professional Photography.


As a visual story-teller, Farhana is fascinated by the political, social and personal aspects of the significant activities that transpire around us every day and the stark implications they carry on our lives currently and eventually in the long run. Her work focuses to bring these stories to light which might have been overlooked or taken for granted by the casual witnesses. She is well-versed in developing relationship with her subjects to understand and connect in more humanely presence.

Farhana’s photos have been widely published in various online and printed publications including Bridging the Naf, New Era, Women in Work, etc. She participated in various photo festivals, exhibitions and workshops, such as DOK19 (Norway), Angkor Photo Fest (Cambodia), OUC- Photojournalism and reportage (China), Doing Visual Politics Photo workshop (Nepal), Uronto Art Exchange, Chobi Mela X, IX & O, Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh) etc.


She was the winner of Fritt Ord Student Grant 2017 and shortlisted for Alexia Student Grant 2019 & 2020. She is also the winner of many national award including Sony Alpha Out of the box, Break the Circle, Different Images of Men and SUPA and Pathshala Covid19 emergency Grant 2020.