Flaminia Celata

The Human Memory

Every human action, even the most banal, makes use of our memory. It is only when we begin losing pieces that we realize the magnitude of its role in our existence. Without memory, we would not be able to function or exist in an autonomous manner.

What happens if, day after day, we begin to forget?

The Human Memory project explores the way human memory functions and is born from a personal struggle to visually represent the mystery of losing one’s memory. Scientific studies, as well as philosophical and historical ones, coupled with a personal and visual approach, are the basis for the realization of photographs and videos.

Besides videos, what is visible on this work is the self-portrait which comes from being very close to the subject in question. Through the obliteration of individuality, it becomes a rational, almost scientific, research, that allows me to obtain the right distance for a visual investigation, which does not always produce certainties or solutions.

The images also stem from a study in mnemonic techniques like Loci, which was used by ancient greek and roman orators, who believed that in order for their speeches to be remembered, they had to be ac-companied by unusual, and often disturbing, images.

About the Artist

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After having worked four years in painting, interior decoration and restoration, Flaminia Celata started studying photography at the Roman School of Photography and Cinema, where she graduated in 2009. Her projects, which tend to be long-term, are personal and documentarist. However, in recent years she has developed a more scientific and experimental approach to her image elaboration and a growing interest in the use of video as an art-form. In 2016 She self-published her first photobook Olivier which received several good reviews and awards. Her work has been published in print and online publications and it has been exhibited internationally in France, Portugal, Greece. She lives and works In Rome.