#FFUKRAINE Print Sale Campaign

with Ukrainian female artists

The Fast Forward team would like to use our incredible international network to help Ukrainian female artists raise money for charities that are working on the ground in Ukraine right now.

The print sale campaign has started on our Instagram @womeniphoto and continues here, on our website. Here you can see the images that are for sale. They will be printed on premium quality A4 sized photographic paper and posted directly to you. Fast Forward is covering the costs of printing and postage. All proceeds from the print sale will go directly to smaller charities that are helping civilians, especially women, children and older folks on the ground in Ukraine. Some of these charities include Ukrainian Womanity (Zaporizzia), FreeUa (Kramatorsk) and Cultural League of the East. These charities work in places that are cut off from the rest of the world, helping people to buy medicines, supplies for children and local people in this region. Together with the Ukrainian artists, we hope to help those who need it the most and are unable to access help from larger charitable organisations.

The minimum donation for each print is £50, but more is better.

The editions are limited and vary depending on the image.

To purchase or/and to donate, please contact us via email info@fastforward.photography or via DM (direct message) on Instagram. We will provide you with the details of how to donate and will ask your postal address.

About the Artist

The participating artists from Ukraine are: Daria Bedernichek, Lubov Chornenka, Oksana Demianec, Adriana Dovha , Eva Dzhyshyashvili, Anneta Gluschenko, Maria Kazvan, Uliana Kocur-Skalacka, Kate Kutsevol, Daria Kuzmina, Daryna Momot, Eugenia Stanishevska, Nalina Vaine, Nadiia Volkova, Polina Zabizhko