Carolina Agüero

Utopia, my body is not my body

“Utopia, my body is not my body” is a documentary photographic project that seeks to question the place of silence and concealment that transsexual identities have lived while encouraging a more respectful and inclusive social dialogue with sexual diversity.

Through this visual tour, the experience of bodily change is shown from the transition from one gender identity to another in an exercise of re-signification and discovery of one’s own feeling.

The transformation of the body is explored from a biographical perspective and from, which shows the lives of young people who materialize this transformation. In this exercise of encounter, the past dialogues with the present in a testimonial story where the transsexual body leaves the space of silence to enunciate and make itself visible. This gesture exposes more than just the scars of a surgical operation or traces of a re-inhabited body, it also seeks to account for the political exercise that exists in the right to a sexual identity in a context where this decision is denied.

The photographs presented seek to delve into childhood memories, the traffic conflict and the construction of the self. The work gathers different experiences around being and living as a transsexual in Chile. The protagonists, representatives of different ways of inhabiting gender, show how the experience of identity migration is lived in a context where the hegemonic construction of gender questions and tries to invalidate – through different types of violence – any expression outside the norm.  Subversion is in the very gesture of assuming transsexual: using hormones, genital reassignment operations or heels are some of the elements that plastically conform to a definition of identity, expanding those structures that closely define the feminine and masculine. Each of those portrayed is shown in front of the camera in complicity with the search for a record that accounts for the intimacy of the body, its transformation and the vital resistance that inhabiting the desired body means.

Text Constanza S. Gómez

About the Artist

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My photographic work proposes to investigate my social concerns and based on these concerns to build visual themes that are reflective from the local identity. My interest in topics of great socio-political complexity such as: violence against gender and human rights, lesbianism, transsexuality and marginality, are born from our way of relating to another, in public or private space. I am interested in provoking analysis, reflections and deep sensations in the viewer. I approach my themes from respect and sensitivity, with a contemporary aesthetic perspective. Fundamentally I propose photographic images from the authenticity, inviting the viewer to reflect from a critical point and with respect towards a heterogeneous society and unequal in its rights. By presenting my works I hope to achieve essential reflections between the image and the subject.

Carolina Agüero was born in 1986 in southern Chile.

In 2008 she moved to the city of Valparaíso to study photography at the ARCOS Professional Institute in Viña del Mar, 2020 she studied at the Cámara Lúcida School in Valparaíso.
From 2009 to date, he has had the opportunity to exhibit in individual and group exhibitions, he has also given various interviews on digital platforms (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, USA, New York and Arizona, Italy, Spain, Germany and France).
She currently teaches classes and workshops, Baj Balmaceda Arte Joven Valparaíso, schools.
2013-2014 she was part of the Auction: Latin American Living Artists, U.S.A. Miami.
2020 BAphoto Live International fair specialized in photography.
2017 she is in the network of foto-feminas, @fotofeminas, which is dedicated to promoting photographers from Latin America and the Caribbean. She currently belongs to the collective; Culebra Colectiva, @culebracolectiva, she is also part of the EFFEM-Female Photographic Encounter team, @e_ffem
2019 she is represented by the Judas Gallery, @judasgaleria
She has been selected and winner of various art and photography contests, one of the most important; 2015 Honor Award XXXVII National Young Art Contest, University of Valparaíso.
2018 1º PLACE Category PhotoPrensa Chile Portrait.
She has been nominated for the 6×6 global talent Program of world press photo 2019 / Masterclass nomination world press photo 2020