Marika Kochiashvili

When I grow up I’m gonna kiss you

When I Grow Up I’m Gonna Kiss You  is a series of self portraits photographed during lockdown in 2020. It’s a culmination of series of nudes that I’d been working on since 2017. Through the work I try to come to terms with my own physicality and identity in the context of a conservative patriarchal society that I grew up in in Georgia. By photographing myself, – I realized that all my work so far had been triggered by my desire to explore my own body, sexuality and gender. 

About the Artist

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Marika Kochiashvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her work is informed by religious conservatism and how it has shaped representations of female sexuality in the South Caucasus. In her photographic practice she is drawn to a visual language that celebrates fluidity. Her work is about masturbation, orgies, (fear of) penis dominance, about queerness. About the various representations of masculinity and femininity. Kochiashvil has been photographing nudes by focusing on the stories that emerge through gesture, posture, choreography and the blurred lines of the gender binary.