Hannah Starkey at Belfast Photo Festival

Image Credit: 'Susan McCrory’ by Hannah Starkey. Commissioned by Belfast Photo Festival. Image courtesy BPF / The Artist.

Principled & Revolutionary: Northern Ireland’s Peace Women

Hannah Starkey

Dates: 7 April – 10 September

Location: Ulster Museum, Belfast

Times: 10:00am – 5:00pm | Tue – Sun

This year marks 25 years since the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. On this occasion, Belfast Photo Festival presents a newly commissioned body of work by renowned photographer Hannah Starkey which honours and celebrates the women who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland.

Research has demonstrated that women’s participation in peace processes results in more durable and stable peace. Analysis of 40 peace processes since the end of the Cold War shows that, in cases where women were able to exercise a strong influence on the negotiation process, there was a much higher chance that an agreement would be reached.

Starkey’s artwork aims to ignite a conversation about the impact and importance of women’s leadership, not just here, but globally. The 21 portraits in this exhibition highlight some of the many women who have been pivotal to peace building and community activism in this country through their work in both the political, cultural and social spheres. Through exploring these—too often untold—stories, we hope to shine a light on the legacies and impact of women’s activism here and to inspire younger generations of women to make their voices heard.