Help Lee Miller’s home, Farleys House, survive!

The future of Farleys House and Gallery is threatened due to COVID-19 closure. This fundraiser is to help ‘The home of the Surrealists’

Farleys House and Gallery Ltd is a small family run business that has been running for over 40 years. The business is based in Farleys House, an old historic Sussex farmhouse with a unique cultural importance, lovingly cared for by our small dedicated team and us, the Penrose Miller family.

Farleys, also known as ‘The Home of the Surrealists’ was the home of Lee Miller, photographer and WWII correspondent and her husband Roland Penrose the surrealist artist who became the friend, curator and biographer of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Man Ray. The combined achievements of Lee and Roland made Farleys a place that people wanted to visit in order to connect more with the lifestyle of the artists, which was something we never imagined would happen to our family home.

Today Farleys is kept as if Roland and Lee have just popped out into the sculpture garden, or to the village shop.  Since our first tentative opening in 1999 for just a few people we gradually increased our open days for visitors with no external funding and built a wonderful team of talented tour guides who are as passionate as we are in sharing the story of Farleys….[more information is on the campaign page]

This is where we need your help

Over the more than 40 years our family have been running Farleys and the Lee Miller Archives we have funded nearly everything ourselves but now we can go no further and we need to ask for help. In the past, particularly when we were starting out we had the most amazingly generous help mainly in expertise, but now to survive we need money. We have never asked for help like this before but the present unprecedented circumstances are so extreme we cannot see our way through without your support.

By donating to Farleys you will help us to continue to share Lee & Roland’s legacy and share this special place filled with art and stories.

We have some special rewards for you to choose from, these are a few examples:

Special Farleys supporters Lee Miller C-type prints, that come with a Farleys supporter stamp, the Lee Miller archives stamp and are a larger size than usual with a paper size of 216 x 267mm.

For more details and donating, please go to the direct link.