Homesick by Elizabeth Ransom at Brewery Tap UCA Project Space, Folkestone

In the series Homesick, Ransom invited ten women and non-binary immigrants to share their stories and memories of homesickness in written form. They also provided a list of liquids that remind them of one of the places they have called home such as coffee, chicken broth, pisco sours, and kefir. She then soaked a roll of 35mm color film in the liquid for one hour for every day since they had returned to that location. This work was created in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic when countries had closed their borders and travel was at a standstill. This was the first time for many of the participants that they had not had the option to travel back home to see their families and loved ones. The experience of homesickness was exacerbated for many resulting in physical and emotional symptoms. For some participants, it had been many years since they returned home. The longer that the participant had been away the longer the film was left to soak in the liquid. The emulsion slowly deteriorating over time. The heat of the liquids warped and distorted the negatives resulting in brightly coloured destroyed rolls of film.

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