Hundred Heroines: Nomination is open now!


Nomination for Heroines 2021 – Now Open

One of the exciting ways in which we learn about Heroines is from you!  There are so many fantastic heroines working in photography and related media out there – from those yet to be internationally discovered, to those whose contributions are underacknowledged, to others whose universal recognition deserves more championing.  We would love to hear about who you think should be included in the 2021 portfolio of Hundred+ Heroines.  All nominations will be sent to our Criteria of Merit Panel.

We invite you to submit your nominations using the form below.

The details:

  • We define photography in the broadest sense and welcome nominations of women and non-binary practitioners working in all genres.
  • The deadline for 2021 nominations is 15th July.  New heroines are announced annually on 14 December – the anniversary of women’s first vote in the UK in 1918.
  • The nomination and selection processes are confidential. We do not make public the names of nominees, nor do we notify the nominees themselves. Hundred Heroines does not recognise nor endorse any public claims to nomination status.
  • Each nomination must fully meet the “Criteria of Merit” selection conditions below to be referred to the selection panel.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations you can make, but please fill in a separate form for each one.

Criteria of Merit” means, in relation to a potential heroine nominated, that the nominee:

  • Has made a significant contribution to the practice, or to the visual arts, using photography and related media in their work or pushed the boundaries of photography. For emerging talent, the nominee’s work should be of a very high quality and should show the potential to make such a contribution
  • Has produced a consistent body of work that either has or is of such a high standard as to demonstrate the clear potential for an international reach or international recognition
  • Is heroinic in some way; that is, has performed courageous or noble actions or is admired for her great qualities or achievements.
To read more about Hundred Heroines, who they are and how to nominate, please go to the direct link.