1) Lola Flash, Sadako, New York, 2008. From the series [sur]passing. 2) Lola Flash, Marvin, London, 2003. From the series [sur]passing. All images courtesy of the artist. (Screen Shot)

Working at the forefront of genderqueer visual politics for more than three decades, photographer Lola Flash’s work challenges stereotypes and offers new ways of seeing that interrogate gender, sexual, and racial preconceptions.

Autograph is developing a new exhibition of Flash’s work – her first major solo exhibition in London for more than 15 years.

At the core of the exhibition will be her ongoing, life-long body of work [sur]passing, a series of large-scale portraits probing the impact of skin pigmentation on black identity and consciousness.

The curators are also selecting works from Flash’s early cross-colour photographs, and the latest images from her series LEGENDS – portraying prominent members of the global LGTBQI+ community. These will feature queer Londoners, produced during Flash’s recent artist residency at Autograph.

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