India Art Fair: The female artists leading the country’s art renaissance. By Jagdip Jagpal / CNN Style

"Amrita Sher-Gil is considered one of the most prominent modernist artists in India's art history". Credit: The Sher-Gil Archives and Photoink

“The 2018 India Art Fair is set to showcase work by some of South Asia’s best contemporary female artists. Among them are Mithu Sen, whose paintings and installations explore desire, eroticism and sexuality; Tayeba Lipi, a multimedia artist who broaches hard-hitting topics like feminism and transgender rights; and Tanya Goel, who makes her own pigments when creating soaring abstract paintings. This is just a snapshot of female talent found across the four-day program — and the region at large.
Despite their growing international stature, many of South Asia’s artists still seem to be rooted in their local and personal contexts.
Women have long played a crucial role in the region’s arts scene, but many have faced — and continue to face challenges resulting from gender bias, whether it is difficulty finding opportunities to train or sell art, or a lack of critical recognition. This can be reflected in their work, which is often introspective, revealing the social hardships and tensions faced by many female artists.”…..
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