Kathegala Kanive (Valley of Stories)

Kanike are quite excited to collaborate with Aravani Art Project to bring to you a photo based exhibition by the members of The Aravani Art Project – Kathegala Kanive (Valley of Stories). Over the last few months the members of Aravani art project have been learning to narrate their stories using photography and cyanotypes guided by the members of Kanike. This exhibition is a result of these beautiful stories and their relations to Bangalore that they expressed using the medium of photography and cyanotypes.

Aravani Art Project
While the visibility of Transgender people is increasing in popular culture and daily life, they still face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. With a mission of attempting to reduce this in society,  ARAVANI ART PROJECT bring about change in the way the society views the community.
They advocate the idea of reclaiming spaces in the society by creating different art projects to raise awareness and to create a voice for the community. Aravani Art Project are finding magical ways to engage the community to come out in the public spaces and feel confident, safe and belonged.

Kāṇike is a collective of four artists (Aparna Nori, Indu Antony, Krishanu Chatterjee & Vivek Muthuramalingam) and is also the studio the artists share. Kāṇike as a space is intended for the practice of contemporary art with an intention to foster creativity and shape new directions in learning. It is also a space for artists from various disciplines to share, respond and collaborate in an unrestrained environment. Kāṇike aims to build a community of similar minds, and be a sanctuary for exchanges and conversations.