Dynamo Photo Program at Lakeside Darkroom

The Dynamo Photo Program at Lakeside Darkroom comprises an open exhibition by its members and related events.  Members have been asked to select three images that they have created at LKSD Darkroom that represent them, their work or their interests so visitors can better get to know the people that use the darkroom.

Lakeside Darkroom is a CIC (community interest company) that was established in August 2021 for a very set purpose.

The purpose is to provide an affordable facility for photography practitioners.

Lakeside Darkroom is a Black and White Darkroom Open Access Community Members Darkroom.

It is aimed toward women and those with little financial resources who practise analogue photography.

The facility provides a high-quality darkroom and post-production facilities at an affordable price, enabling practitioners to continue their research on analogue photography while also building a community.

Provides also 1. Workshops for beginners and those looking to refresh their expertise. 2. Training for Female Photography Technicians. 4. Photowalks. and even more in the future.

It’s a contribution to the promotion of an artistic discipline with a rich history, despite the rapid advancements in digital technology, and the preservation of analogue/film as an artistic craft.

Please go to the direct link to find out more about the darkrooms or to book a workshop.