We believe in changing the lives of women, one camera at a time.

Women whose voices are rarely if ever heard, from domestic helpers in Hong Kong to children of sex workers in Pakistan, are taking photos thanks to Lensational’s photography training. These photos reflect their thoughts, emotions and dreams. At Lensational, we imagine a world in which, through photography, women from all over the world can express themselves freely, fulfill their aspirations, and be represented in a dignified way. And this is a world that we, as interconnected human beings, can build together. Join us in changing lives of women, one camera at a time.

We believe in empowering women through photography.

  • Emotional Empowerment: Gaining access to cameras gives women a new way to express themselves freely and to retain memories. Therapeutic photography is also a proven counselling technique to overcome social isolation.
  • Economic Empowerment: Lensational’s students receive 50% of the revenue if their photographs that are sold through Lensational’s online platform and partner agencies. Equipped with photography skills, the women can also pursue freelance photography opportunities.

We believe in the need to challenge stereotypes of women.

Through photography, marginalised women and girls are able to create images that challenge gender stereotypes, in particular in developing countries, and to define what gender means to them. Our workshop participants are taught to express themselves through photography, and we make sure their authentic stories are heard.

A story from our Pakistan programme illustrates this very well: Women and girls are rarely seen driving a motor-taxi in Pakistan. But, during one of the photography workshops, this girl posed on top of a motor-taxi. Her picture sends encouraging signs to others and makes them think about empowerment.