LOOK Photo Biennial 2019

Worldwide, many countries are reinforcing their borders and turning increasingly inwards, but a collective international awareness is also on the rise. Global issues must be tackled from a sense of global belonging; this edition of LOOK Photo Biennial seeks to encourage this belonging. As a medium, photography is equipped for this: images are shareable, accessible and can transcend borders, languages and cultures.

The transferability of images today allows new perspectives to be efficiently communicated across languages, borders and cultures. Through LOOK, emerging and established artists communicate the issues of the present, and exercise photography’s role in shaping the future.

Unfolding across Liverpool, Wirral, Preston and Shanghai, LOOK Photo Biennial 2019 builds upon Open Eye Gallery’s international exchange with China. The programme sets out to use photography to bring different cultures into conversation and reflect on shifting national identities, worldwide environmental issues and how we can communicate effectively. LOOK Photo Biennial 2019 has been an ongoing project for two years. Earlier this year, we presented Chapter One: TRANSPLANT. It now culminates in Chapter two: TRANSLATE/ TRANSITION, with exhibitions across Liverpool, The Wirral and Shanghai.

LOOK is delivered by Open Eye Gallery. Every two years, we work with a different partner country to build a programme that exchanges culture and learning, worldwide.

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