Nevertheless, She persisted. An exhibition by Mhairi Bell-Moodie

The venue

Out of the Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

Open Monday- Saturday 10am-5pm / Closed Sundays

The exhibition

Nevertheless, She Persisted

May 8th – 18th 2018

Open daily and free to all

The project was released online on March 8th 2018 to coincide with International Women’s Day and will now be displayed in a free public exhibition.

The seeds of  this project began after the photographer photographed two vulnerable women in one week; one was going through chemotherapy and the other was being bullied.  Both commented on how the process of being photographed had given them a boost.  Shortly after this, the photographer attended the Women’s Sister March in Edinburgh on January 21st 2017.  Standing amongst hundreds of women (and male allies), further drove her passion to create a new, meaningful body of work about women.  For women.  Over the following 12 months, the photographer worked with four charities and 25 women to create Nevertheless, She Persisted.  The title is a nod to the catchphrase attached to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s defiance in the courtroom which was then adapted by the feminist movement.  The women vary in age from 13 to 59 and all but one currently live in Scotland.

The women involved have survived breast cancer, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, addiction, child loss, becoming a young widow, eating disorders, suicide attempts, discrimination for their appearance or sexuality – a whole host of traumatic events – but the one thing which unites them is their strength.  Despite having to face some of life’s most difficult challenges, they are speaking up because they don’t want anyone else to ever feel the pain they did.

The photographer has had support from the following charities: SANDS Lothians, Breast Cancer Now, Edinburgh Women’s Aid and Changing Faces.  Details of all below.