2 Junior Fellowships for PhD students

Two Junior Fellowships for PhD students at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz will be invited to the tender at the Kunstuniversität Linz.

The VALIE EXPORT Center of the Linz Art University processes, explores, contextualises and conveys the premise of VALIE EXPORT. As an internationally oriented research center, it promotes the artistic and scientific examination of media and performance art. The VALIE EXPORT Center is part of the Art University Linz.

At the VALIE EXPORT Center, two Junior Fellowships for Ph.D. students will be invited. The dissertation project must take up one of the two topics :

1. As part of a research complex on “Art and Language in Artistic Practice”Based on the work of VALIE EXPORT, linguistic-structuralist aspects are to be investigated in media works. These include media-critical and -reflexive methods such as the (media) anagram and aspects of the game, the combinatorics, the overdetermination and, consequently, the multivalence and the (poetic) excess of meaning. For the artist, anagrammatic contextual shifts also stand for an exploration of the diverse languages ​​of the media and representations of “reality” that bring with them specific pictorial inventions. With special reference to the work of VALIE EXPORT, the subject of research refers to the way in which linguistic-structural and pictorial practices interlock.

2. On the basis of the implementation of new technologies in artistic practice and their multiple applications in the field of artistic-scientific research, the relationship between art and science to be examined. The starting point is the extensive work of VALIE EXPORT. The use of the computer and the possibilities of digitization are being analyzed in their work as media-critical and socially critical processes in relation to the transformation of the image of man in the sciences and social theories. The investigation period is mainly from the late 1980s (experimental work EXPORT’s “digital photography” and working with the computer) to the 1990s (scripts from unrealized film projects such as “The virtual body of prosthetic and postbiological body”) extend.

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