2024 FotoEvidence Book Award

Since 2012, the FotoEvidence Book Award has recognized a documentary photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in addressing a violation of human rights, a significant injustice or an assault on human dignity.

In 2022, the invasion of Ukraine called for a new approach. Instead of providing an opportunity for just one photographer, FotoEvidence worked to draw the photojournalism community together in a collective action to document Russia’s invasion, the destruction of war, Russia’s indiscriminate, criminal violence and the power of Ukrainian identity and resistance.

This year, for second time, the FotoEvidence Book Award will again be a collaborative work open to all photographers documenting the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this year with a focus on the impact on children and families.

The second collaborative book will again unite photojournalists to present their firsthand testimony about the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the perspective of those tasked with documenting it.

Submission to the 2024 FotoEvidence Book Award is open to all professional and amateur photographers with work documenting the impact of the war in Ukraine, with a focus on children, women and families.

For more information and to enter please go to the direct link.